Clifftop Perspective: wellbeing from above

April 13, 2020
How to get by (and be awesome) pt.1: dealing with loneliness and isolation

This post was written in early April, 2020, when the world was ushered into quarantine and physical isolation. These are some interesting times, eh. The world has re-encountered a kind of beast so terrifying that humans are hunkering in our homes and side-stepping potential hosts in supermarket aisles. The good news is that while we camp …read more

April 8, 2020
Supporting vulnerable students during lockdown

This article was created during the first lockdowns in April, 2020. What makes a child vulnerable (moreso than others) at a time like this? Everyone is vulnerable right now. Yet we know that in our schools and communities there are young people that go without basic things on a “normal” day, absent pandemic. Often the …read more

March 22, 2019
What is compassion anyway? (…And how do we cultivate it?)

In the wake of the tragic terror events in Christchurch, NZ (15/03/19), the public have been called on to show compassion and to be kind to one another.  The humanity in us understands that this is a positive and constructive response to collective hardship. Yet with the term compassion suddenly having so much prominence in …read more