Thriving Organisations

Give someone a fish, you feed them for a day. Teach them how to fish…

Building wellbeing is about teaching and giving. Some organisations lose impact by investing in programmes that boost wellbeing for a short time before engagement levels return to their baseline, pre your intervention.

Meaningful work on wellbeing involves improving personal and collective insight, purpose and connection, improving peoples’ resources to thrive continually.

The programmes below will help you to achieve this. If you are interested in optimising your systems for engagement and wellbeing, talk to us about our coaching or consulting services.

Short Workshops

Wellbeing Boost1 hr

A short workshop to discover what is impacting our wellbeing and resilience and how we can boost this on an individual level

Leading Wellbeing1 hr

Tailored to Leaders, Managers and HR professionals. 

Many organisations are adding the word, “wellbeing” to the term Health and Safety without considering if this is appropriate for your setting, aims, and resources.

How is your organisation being intentional and strategic in your wellbeing work?

This is a short overview where you can explore practices and approaches being implemented in world-leading organisations around the globe.

Wellbeing Systems1 hr

This is a short dive into systems thinking as applied to wellbeing in your team or organisation. We explore the complex layers that can impact wellbeing and the ways we can leverage wellbeing interventions at each layer.

Cultural Intelligence 2 Hours

Recent research here in NZ indicates that our organisations have a long way to go in terms of making our organisations culturally responsible and psychologically safe.

This workshop can be tailored to leaders or to employees to explore issues and strategies for being more humane and wellbeing-forward organisations.

Every workplace in Aotearoa should be learning about cultural responsiveness, if only to increase your bottom line. The lasting impact of this work is a worthy investment.

Full-day Options

Building Hauora (Wellbeing)1 Day

We take a day to develop your holistic wellbeing using a basic inquiry process of learn>do>reflect.

We learn and try out a number of wellbeing interventions, so that each person can find something that fits them.


Wellbeing Retreat1-2 Days

We incorporate a mixture of learning and practice in developing your personal wellness and your professional wellbeing and engagement.

Take time to recover and improve!

This programme is tailored to your team and venues will depend on availability and your team’s goals.

Life Navigation Coaching (individual)10 Sessions over 5 months

  • Live with purpose, insight and connection. Discover your authentic self and how you lead.
  • Grow your skills and resources for thriving and develop a clear sense of direction.
  • This programme is about personal growth and collective impact, based on research and best-practice.


Consulting & Advisory

We help you see and make meaning of the complexity surrounding your organisation. We can also help to create nuanced solutions for these complex problems. Contact us to discuss what this may look like.

Coaching for Executives

People are complex and leading them is a continual growth journey. A monthly meeting with a wellbeing expert can help keep you at your best.

Appreciative Inquiry

Do you have complex problems and need a whole-system response? David Cooperider of Case Western Reserve University created a leading method for bringing teams together to create shared vision, drive and strategy for change. Contact us to find out how Appreciative Inquiry could be used in your organisation?

Wellbeing Audit

If you want to get a clearer picture of wellbeing in your school, we can generate a report with your help. This will involve a compact research project with methods that we’ll select depending on your community, ranging from observations to focus groups, surveys, interviews, and assessment. The report will contain suggestions for strategies to improve wellbeing in your school.

Conflict Mediation Process

Conflict can wreak havoc in our teams and companies, especially when our leaders are involved. People are extremely complex, so we don’t believe in a one-size fits all approach – allow us to recommend a program to support your people, once we learn about your unique situation.