Resilient & Connected Communities

There are two main reasons why wellbeing science is needed in community-oriented work.

  1. Good traditional policy and practice can be improved by using new social and psychological science
  2. Most investment on wellbeing is spent on reactive work at the bottom of the cliff (illbeing), instead of prevention and promotion (wellbeing)

We mesh wellbeing science with systems thinking to provide insightful approaches to social issues through policy and programme design.

Talk to us if you want to ensure you are doing work at the clifftop instead of constantly being the ambulance at the bottom.

If you are already helping people to stay at their best we can help you to bring evidence-informed, responsive practice to policy and programme development.

Talk to us about social policy, positive youth development, education design, wellbeing, mental health, resilience, codesign, trauma responsive practice and systems thinking.


Consulting & Advisory

We help you see and make meaning of the complexity surrounding community wellbeing. We help design solutions for complex social issues, based on scientific evidence.

Professional Development

We build staff capacity to be mindful and resilient practitioners through a tailored programme of workshops.